Living Life Post Cancer Treatment

A 9 week program for adults who have completed cancer treatment in the last 2 years

Couple Talking

This is is a free program for adult survivors of any cancer diagnosis. The 9 week program covers the benefits of exercise, nutrition, emotional support, and medical management, and will help you bridge the gap between cancer treatment and life following cancer.

Each class is 2.5 hours and offers 30 minutes of exercise, a light meal, and a presentation from experts.    


Program Overview

·       Develop Your Own Customized Exercise Plan with an Exercise Specialist

·        Learn How to Monitor Your Health Status and how to communicate and request information from your medical care team

·        Work One-on-One with a Dietitian to create your own nutrition plan, complete with meal and snack ideas

·        Learn Relaxation Techniques like mindfulness and guided imagery

·        Connect with Others who are also seeking how to move forward after cancer

·        Gain Communication Skills so you can express your needs to caregivers and those who offer assistance

Eating Healthy

Upcoming dates and locations for this program are: 

  • Our Clubhouse Pittsburgh: Wednesday, January 11 - March 1, 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM


Learn more or register by contacting Colleen Dwyer at or 412.338.1919